An ‘El Plan’ song is in the works…really

Henry Valantine
Fernando Alonso arriving on the grid. Formula 1 Abu Dhabi December 2021.

Fernando Alonso arriving on the grid with El Plan on rear wing of his Alpine. Abu Dhabi December 2021.

We’ve all heard of ‘El Plan’ by now, even if Fernando Alonso wasn’t quite sure what it meant at first, but the label attached to the Alpine driver will now be put into song by a famous Spanish artist.

Singer-songwriter Melendi, who has had six chart-topping albums in Spain, was in conversation with the two-time World Champion about the meaning of ‘El Plan’ as a whole, and he revealed he will write a song in its honour.

The phrase was coined as a way of naming the process of Alonso getting back to the front of the field in Formula 1 and possibly winning a third title, having become a regular presence in a section of the fan community this season – even though the Spaniard himself previously admitted that “I think it’s part of ‘El Plan’ that I don’t know exactly what ‘El Plan’ is…”

But its symbolism is now set to be immortalised in musical form.

Fernando Alonso trust the plan tshirt. Qatar November 2021
Alpine driver Fernando Alonso gives a thumbs up wearing a 'trust the plan' tshirt. Qatar November 2021

“The Plan in the end implies hope. I think that people are hungry for hope after going through bad times and I think it reminds you of Fernando, it reminds you of your moments”, Melendi said while speaking to Alonso, quoted by Soy Motor.

“Since we spoke the other day, I’ve been preparing my own part of El Plan unilaterally, I haven’t even consulted you, to do my bit for what I know will surely be something very nice for everyone, which is to have hope, to trust that something will happen.

“I’m sure that this year is going to be a great year for you and for all the people who follow and fell in love with Formula 1 with you years ago.”

The Alpine driver went on to insist that ‘El Plan’ and ‘padre’ [‘father’] should form part of the lyrics in the song, as he said ‘padre’ is another term increasingly being bandied about in the media in pieces about him, now he has passed his 40th birthday.

But this is not the first time Melendi has written a song in Alonso’s honour. He released ‘El Nano’ back in 2005, while the then-Renault driver was on his way to his first World title, with an update coming to symbolise what makes people happy in the present day, especially given the world being as it is right now.

“Part of El Plan is a bit of excitement, which we need so much, after the pandemic or what we are seeing these days in Russia or Ukraine,” Alonso explained.

“We all need to have that desire to return to the past, and with your song it happens. There are people who stop me in the street and say ‘You don’t know how happy I am that you’re back in Formula 1 and when I listen to the song [El Nano], it’s like I’m 15 years younger.


“People like to go back 15 years and a lot of people tell me ‘This reminds me of when we were happy’, as if we weren’t happy now.

“We also have to learn to live happily with what we have now, which is still just as good.”

“That’s the plan, to learn to live happily in the present,” Melendi responded. “I’m pounding on the piano, let’s see what comes out.

“We’re going to do a new song and see what comes out of it. I’m working on it; I hope to get it right.”


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