Alonso wants further action from FIA over blocking

Fernando Alonso Alpine

Fernando Alonso Alpine

Fernando Alonso has called on the FIA to make a further intervention on the issue of blocking during qualifying sessions in Formula 1.

The two-time World Champion was left seething after being forced to back out of a hot lap in the penultimate corners of the Red Bull Ring, where a backlog of cars had materialised in the final stages of Q2.

Drivers were warned prior to qualifying of the risk involved in queuing at that particular part of the track due to the high-speed corners and the fact that cars were blocking the pit-lane entry because of the circuit layout.

Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz were all placed under investigating for their roles in the Alonso incident and the former was punished with a three-place grid drop to P11.

However, Alonso wants more to be done in future in order to combat the issue.

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“We need someone that helps us from the outside, and the only one that can help from the outside is the FIA, in my opinion,” Alonso told

“Because the teams, they deal with tyre performance, with battery performance, with everything that is on the competitive side.

“But on the safety side, and on the regulation side, we cannot put everything on the team’s table, because they are always looking about competitiveness. So maybe we need help from the FIA.

“If it’s written that you cannot do one thing and you do it, then you get a penalty so that is clear for everybody.

“That’s the first help and second, maybe there is a system.

“I know in Baku they introduced a minimum lap time that you have to do in the outlaps. So basically, how you exit the pit lane in that position, you will end up starting the lap in that position because we all have the same delta time.

“So then there are no more tricks or no more overtaking you see in outlaps or anything like that, because we will have to respect the same delta. Maybe that’s another system that can help us for sure.”

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