FIA dish out Fernando Alonso punishment after unsafe Qatar GP manoeuvre

Thomas Maher
Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso racing during the Qatar Grand Prix.

Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso racing during the Qatar Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso was investigated for an unsafe rejoin of the circuit after flying off the track during the Qatar Grand Prix.

The Spaniard was investigated by the race stewards after rejoining the track in a questionable manner after he made an error during the race at the Lusail Circuit.

Alonso made an error during the Qatar Grand Prix, losing the rear of his Aston Martin entering Turn 2 and attempting to catch the oversteer moment – a futile move, as he was powerless to prevent himself from skating off into the gravel.

Fernando Alonso investigated for Qatar GP infringement

With Alonso keeping his car going with forward momentum through the gravel, he found a tarmaced bit of road from one of the circuit’s alternative layouts and was able to pick back up speed.

Rejoining the F1 configuration, Alonso came in at quite a harsh angle, with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc bearing down quickly on the Aston Martin driver – Alonso’s dirty tyres meant the Monegasque swooped past immediately.

But the questionable moment drew the attention of the stewards, who investigated the move and decided to hand out a punishment to the Spaniard.

“Car 14 [Alonso] went off track in Turn 2, continued on the run-off, and rejoined at high speed right in front of Car 16 [Leclerc],” said the stewards.

“Although Car 16 did not have to take any evasive measures, the Stewards determine that given the speed and the angle in which Car 14 came back on track, he rejoined in an unsafe manner.”

As a result, Alonso was handed a reprimand – his first of the season. Drivers are permitted four reprimands per season, before being hit with a 10-place grid penalty should they get another.

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