Fernando Alonso bites back: ‘F1 is becoming more and more like football’

Michelle Foster
Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso speaks to the media at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso speaks to the media at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso laments Formula 1 is becoming “more like football” where only the last result counts as he’s one again questioned over Aston Martin’s slump.

Having started this year’s championship as Red Bull’s nearest rival and scoring six podiums in the first eight races, Alonso has managed just one top-three showing in the last 10 races.

Although the team has brought upgrades to the track, they haven’t managed to keep pace with the other leading midfield teams.

Fernando Alonso highlights Aston Martin’s progress

It’s meant Aston Martin have lost ground in the Constructors’ Championship as they were overhauled by Mercedes, then Ferrari while in Austin McLaren also moved ahead by six points.

That had Lando Norris declaring the AMR23 is getting “slower and slower” with every upgrade that Aston Martin bring to the track.

“It’s been clear that Aston are just, I don’t know, they seem to have made the car slower and slower with every upgrade that they brought,” he said. “I mean, they were racing Red Bull at the beginning of the year and I don’t know where they finished today [in Austin] but they were out in Q1 and they’ve been struggling.”

Alonso says the criticism of his team has been unfair as he feels their progress has been more consistent than the results suggest.

Last season Aston Martin’s highest finishes were a handful of sixth-placed results with the team scoring 56 points. This year they have seven podiums and 236 points.

“I think it has been more consistent feeling and season than what maybe the results are showing. I think we’ve been balancing always the ups and also the downs,” he said.

“We’ve been always very focused on the performance of the car and tried to get better as a team.

“Two years ago, this organisation was 250 people and now we are just a few points away from the very top teams in the Constructors’ championship and tasting the podium for a few times already this year.

“We have this new factory as well, a lot of new people that came to the team. I think around 200 points more than last year. So it has been an incredible 2023 campaign for Aston Martin.

“I know that we are more and more like football here and only the last result seems to count but we cannot forget where we come from and what the project is about so very proud of this season so far.”

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With four Grands Prix remaining and McLaren just six points ahead, Alonso believes Aston Martin could yet regain fourth place in the standings.

“Hopefully we can finish on a high; in the remaining races we can taste the podium one more time at least and then go into 2024 I think with a lot more confident than this year,” he added.

“I think we started the winter just hoping that the project was taking the right direction after a difficult 2022. We learn a lot of things throughout the season, a lot of things also off-track, development on the car during the season, direction of development.

“So it has been a very important championship not only for the results itself, also for the team to get a contender for the future. So it has been a very important season and I’m very proud and happy.”

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