Fernando Alonso: Lewis Hamilton ‘thinks he is alone on the track’

Michelle Foster
Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen wasn’t the only driver unhappy with Lewis Hamilton at Imola in practice with Fernando Alonso declaring the Mercedes driver treats the track like it is his “alone”.

Putting in the laps during Friday’s practice for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Hamilton annoyed several rivals – most notably his fellow World Champions.

‘Hamilton thinks that he is alone on the track!’

After encountering a slow-moving Hamilton at the Villeneuve chicane, Verstappen swerved aggressively across the track to convey his displeasure to the Mercedes driver. Hamilton held up his hand to apologise but it was evident Verstappen was none of that.

He, however, also irritated Alonso as he blocked the Aston Martin driver’s path at Turn 12, Acque Minerali, before they had another moment at Turn 7, Tosa.

“Hamilton thinks that he is alone on the track!” the Spaniard said of the radio.

Alonso went on to finish Friday’s running in 10th place in the upgraded Aston Martin AMR24 on a day when Aston Martin brought nine upgrades to the track.

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Technical director Dan Fallows said: “The majority of this update has been based on what we saw from the launch car, from the car in testing, and then how we want to sort of evolve that,” Fallows said.

“We’ve seen some circuits suit us better than others and that’s something we focused on trying to make sure we can perform everywhere.

“We have an era of ground-effect cars that have specific windows of performance and you’re always trying to sort of broaden that.

“So, you want to make sure when you bring an update that it does perform in all the different conditions.”

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