How Alonso wound-up Dennis…with a peach

Date published: April 28 2020 - Mark Scott

Fernando Alonso

You may remember Fernando Alonso and senior management at McLaren not seeing eye-to-eye with each other back in 2007…

Alonso was at the heart of a bitter inter-team battle with Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in first spell with the team back in 2007 and McLaren’s former head of communications, Matt Bishop, has revealed how Alonso would wind up McLaren boss Ron Dennis in particular as their relationship deteriorated beyond repair.

“[Ron’s] very precise about everything equal,” Bishop said via Natalie Pinkham’s ‘In The Pink’ podcast.

“He admits to being ‘OCD’ about cleanliness.

“And one of the things he absolutely loathes above almost everything else is people who eat juicy fruit without a knife and fork.

“So if you’re eating a nectarine or a peach or plum, Ron wants you to put it on a plate, have a sharp knife, steady it with the fork, cut it with a sharp knife and then put small, neat pieces of the fruit into your mouth with the fork.

“Fernando arrived with, I think, the largest and ripest peach I have ever seen.

“And he just sat next to Ron [slurping] like that and letting all the juice run down into his beard and leaving the bits of fruit pulp in his beard.

“Not everybody present would have known quite how painful Ron would have been in finding that but believe me, Fernando did. Fernando was definitely on a number then with Ron.

“But that’s Fernando. Fernando is a great driver. Great driver. He’s also an operator.”

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