Fernando Alonso pinpoints the one key area where Lance Stroll is still lacking

Michelle Foster
Lance Stroll hops out of his car in front of Fernando Alonso. Australia April 2023

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll hops out of his car in front of Fernando Alonso. Australia April 2023

Having previously talked up Lance Stroll as a future World Champion, Fernando Alonso concedes the one thing still lacking from his team-mate’s game is consistency.

Racing as team-mates for the first time, Alonso has emerged as Aston Martin’s leading contender with the Spaniard bringing home five podiums and 99 points in the first seven races of the championship.

In contrast his team-mate Stroll has yet to spray champagne this season with the Canadian scoring just 35 points and only once, Spain, finishing ahead of Alonso in qualifying and the grand prix.

It has pundits suggesting that unless Stroll ups his game, starting at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, that even being the son of team owner Lawrence Stroll won’t be enough to secure him a race seat for next year’s championship. After all, Lawrence still has investors he needs to satisfy.

As such the team owner has called for a double podium at the Strolls’ home race, the Canadian Grand Prix, with the billionaire boss telling Reuters that is “exactly the plans, hopefully get two cars on the podium”.

But while the odds favour Alonso, with five top-three results in seven races, they don’t so much work in his team-mate’s favour with Stroll yet to feature in the top-three.

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Alonso insists his team-mate has everything he needs to succeed, except consistency.

“I know Lance from 2012,” Alonso said. “Actually, I met him here in one of the Ferrari events, when he was in the Academy.

“I think Lance is showing the speed in the car, the commitment, we saw at the beginning of the year as well, racing with a broken hand and things like that. You only see that when you really have passion for something that you’re doing.

“And I think, for him, the most important thing now is to get the consistency, weekend after weekend.

“I think we saw many times in the past, sparks of Lance, in wet qualifying, in races, at the starts, lap one performance, these kinds of things that are outstanding.

“And then, some other weekends that the result was not coming or you get in a bad loop in qualifying, so something like that, and then the weekend is a little bit compromised.

“So, I think that consistency is going to be the next step in his career, to be constantly fighting for the top five and then at the end of the year, you see the amount of points that you gain when you get all the weekends right.

“But as I said, with the motivation, the commitment that he has, and the team that Aston Martin is building now, I think it’s a matter of time that this will come.”

Alonso has previously talked up Stroll’s chances of winning a World title, saying his “super talented” team-mate can do if, of course, he has the car.

“In Lance, the team has a driver who is super young, super talented and has the possibility to be World Champion,” Alonso said back in February.

“To see him achieve that and have played a part in that, whether that’s behind the wheel or not, will be special for me.

“He has the speed, and he has the talent. He has shown it many times, especially in wet conditions.

“I remember Lance’s pole position in Turkey and some of his other excellent performances in the wet; to perform at that level in difficult conditions you have to have a special feeling with the car.”