Alonso would support plans for third American F1 GP

Michelle Foster
Fernando Alonso being interviewed after qualifying for the Russian GP. Sochi September 2021.

Fernando Alonso being interviewed after the qualifying session for the Russian Grand Prix. Sochi September 2021.

With Miami joining the F1 calendar next season, Formula 1 is already considering adding a third American race in either Las Vegas or Indianapolis.

Fernando Alonso says he is in favour.

As Formula 1 prepares for the United States Grand Prix, held at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, work continues at Miami Gardens in Florida where F1 will be racing in May next year.

The drivers will race around the Hard Rock Stadium complex on a 5.41km track featuring 19 corners. Work on the new circuit is expected to be completed just 45 days before the grand prix.

But while the sport gears up for that, there is already talk of F1’s American owners, Liberty Media, wanting a third American race.

“I guess so, I don’t see a problem with that,” Alonso told Autosport. “The US is probably the biggest target for F1 right now with Liberty in charge of the sport.

“There are rumours it could happen in different places, Las Vegas or Indianapolis or whatever, so let’s see one step at a time.

“But let’s make a good grand prix in Miami next year first.

“I’m very, very excited to come here, it will be one of the best races next year.

“It’s a new event, a new city. I think a lot of people in the F1 community will discover Miami for the first time.”

“]Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix logo. May 2021

And he is not the only person in the paddock who would support a third American race.

Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer believes having more races in America would do a lot to help grow the Formula 1 brand.

“If we added a third grand prix there, I think the American market is big enough that it’s not at its saturation point, that’s my opinion,” he said.

“Knowing NASCAR has 40 or so races, everyone still enjoys NASCAR. We are a truly global sport, but I think having three grands prix in a country like America is very much viable. There will be demand, I believe.”


“I’ve been an F1 fan since the early ’80s when I lived near Detroit [which hosted a grand prix between 1982 and 1988],” added Szafnauer. “I think with having more races in the American time zone, as well as Netflix ‘Drive to Survive’ being so popular, I think that’s driven a wider and more diverse audience than just motor racing fans.

“I think our product is so entertaining and enticing. Once you start getting the flavour for it and understanding it, I think the F1 audience in the States can grow significantly. It’s been my experience that if a household watches F1, say the dad likes it, then the children start to like it and it grows geometrically.

“If we can get that momentum, I think the growth can happen very quickly. We have Miami now, so another race in America and in that time zone. You never know if we’ll add more in the future.”