Fernando Alonso weighs in on Red Bull dominance… and sees a silver lining

Michelle Foster
Race winner Max Verstappen is sprayed by third placed Fernando Alonso. Bahrain March 2023

Race winner Max Verstappen is sprayed by third placed Fernando Alonso. Bahrain March 2023

Although Red Bull look to be running rampant over their rivals, Fernando Alonso insists the gap is not as big as it appears.

With three wins from three races, including back-to-back 1-2 results to kick start the season, Red Bull are leading the charge. So much so that rivals such as George Russell fear they could win all 23 of this year’s races.

However, Alonso, the only driver to join Max Verstappen on the podium in all three races, doesn’t believe the gap is as big as it is being made out to be.

Although he acknowledges that today Aston Martin being podium contenders is the maximum pace of the car, and the ability of the team as a whole, he is dreaming of challenging Verstappen for what would be his 33rd race win.

After that comes a third World title with the 41-year-old pointing out that Melbourne’s Q1 spread of just 1.3s between the entire field means it is possible to close the gap to Red Bull.

“I want to be two to three years at this level,” Alonso declared to the Daily Mail. “That is the team’s aim too.

“We are not at a stage to win a championship, but we want time to reach the target.

“That is why I came back to Formula 1 in 2021 after a couple of years out.

“I thought the new regulations coming in last season would mix it up, which they have.

“Yes, Red Bull are dominating but you don’t see big gaps – all the field is covered by 1.2/1.3 seconds – so maybe in a few years we’ll be right up there.”

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Alonso’s comments are contrary to what his former partner recently said, Andrea Schlager telling ServusTV that he has “a two-year contract and it will most likely be the last”.

He’s talking about a third season with Aston Martin, perhaps even longer as he really wants that third title.

“I will think about my future after that,” he added. “I don’t imagine I will be tired of driving but the demands of travelling across such a long season can be draining.

“I may have had enough of that after 23 or 24 years doing it. But for now, with my experience, I’d like to believe I’m better than ever.”