Fernando Alonso – Will The Legend Quit Or Not?

Ross Gibson
Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso does not support a proposal to award points to every car that finishes, saying it would detract from miracles like Jules Bianchi's P9.

Triumphs of Alonso – How The Legend Was Born

Formula-1 is a huge story of triumphs and failures, and in the middle of this story are the legends, who give unforgettable feelings to every racing fan. Without any doubts, Fernando Alonso Diaz is one of these legends.

In 2001, he started his career as a driver of the Minardi team, which was known as an outsider of the tournament. Even Fernando Alonso couldn’t help them earn enough points. The next year, he became a test-driver of the well-known Renault team. It was a turning point at his career, as Fernando became the two-time F1 Champion (in 2005 and 2006).

Following the success of this driver, the McLaren team signed a contract with Fernando in 2006. However, things didn’t work out, and Fernando didn’t win any prizes with this team. In 2010, he moved to the Ferrari team, where he managed to become the Triple F1 runner-up.

Shake-Up in the Racing World

Several years later, in 2014, Fernando moved back to McLaren. Since that time, he has been out of luck. In the season 2018, Alonso took the 8th place. More than that, this was the best result over the last five years. Many experts say that it’s time for Alonso to quit the big race. Of course, Fernando, as well as the entire McLaren family, is not satisfied with his results, which means that some big changes are coming.

Alonso decided not to give up, and this year he won the 24 Hours Of Le Mans race, which is a part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport. He is also the two-time winner of the Monaco Grand Prix (2006 and 2007). Now, he wants to win the Indy 500, so that he would be the only driver who have repeated the success of Graham Hill, by winning all three races of the Triple Crown.