Fernando Alonso’s last F1 win?

Fernando Alonso's last F1 win?

Fernando Alonso's last F1 win?

It’s crazy to think that the 2013 Spanish GP was Fernando Alonso’s most recent win. Sadly, 5-years on, it looks likely to also be his last ever F1 victory.

F1 artist, Paul Oz captured Alonso’s home grand prix win on canvas; a fond look back to Alonso’s happier days in Formula One.  

Paul has used his trademark style on this artwork for the PlanetF1 Shop; building up thick layers of acrylic paint using his dependable palette knife. The paint protrudes from the canvas in a deliciously 3D style and brings the moment to life.

A British artist, Paul openly admits that he flunked his exams at school. However, through his hard work and dedication to building his art career, he is now traveling the world with Formula One. And his art is hot property right now. A massive F1-fan himself, his personal passion for the sport drives Paul to put in long hours in his Cheltenham studio.

This year, Paul has painted many of the drivers on the grid. His most recent original artwork completed and available to purchase is of Paul’s all-time-favourite driver – Ayrton Senna.

Browse the Paul Oz art collection in the PlanetF1 Shop.