Details emerge about Ferrari’s 2022 challenger

Jon Wilde
Mechanics work on Carlos Sainz's Ferrari at the Qatar GP. Lusail November 2021.

Mechanics work on Carlos Sainz's Ferrari in the garage at the Qatar Grand Prix. Lusail November 2021.

Ferrari have gone for a more “aggressive” nose design on their new 2022 challenger, according to a report.

Teams are in the process of turning the designs they have been working on into reality as the next F1 season approaches, with a new set of regulations meaning different-looking cars will take to the track.

The Scuderia titled their mission ‘Project 674’ and further details have emerged from a reliable source as to what can be expected when Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz drive out of the garage at pre-season testing in Barcelona in late February. report there is a “more aggressive nose design” planned for the Ferrari than was seen on the 2022 prototype revealed at Silverstone last July.

Also, that the Italian giants have opted to adopt a “pull-rod configuration on the front suspension” which would be “in stark contrast to the push-rod suspension geometry seen on the previous single-seaters”.

The decision, say, has been “largely directed by aerodynamics” in that “the pull-rod configuration allows the flow to be redirected towards the bottom of the car and straight into the cooling inlets, which should also be lower, all matched by a more compact rear end thanks to the cooling ‘gills’ allowed by the new regulations”.

It is thought McLaren are doing something similar based upon images they tweeted recently.

While another of Ferrari’s biggest rivals, Mercedes, have already tweeted a ‘fire-up’ video, doing so a couple of days before Christmas, it is reported that we should not expect an equivalent out of Maranello just yet.

That could be a couple of weeks away, with Ferrari said to want to take as much time as they can to refine the Internal Combustion Engine before it has to be homologated.

Other elements of the power unit do not need to be homologated until the opening race weekend in Bahrain from March 18-20, so the power unit in action at Barcelona from February 21-23 may not be the finished article.


Ferrari’s hopes of challenging Mercedes and Red Bull in 2022 will be helped if that power unit proves to be a significant step up on its predecessor, with a late-season upgrade on the 2021 version having lifted them above McLaren to finish third in the Constructors’ standings.

However, Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies says it would be “very naïve to think it will be easy to close the gap” on the top two.


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