Ferrari first to formally appeal RP20 verdict

Jon Wilde
Ferrari Racing Point

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Ferrari have formally appealed against the FIA verdict on Racing Point’s brake ducts, becoming the first of four teams expected to do so.

Racing Point were punished with a 15-point deduction in the F1 Constructors’ World Championship and a 400,000 euros fine after Renault’s protest against them was upheld.

Hours after the verdict was announced on Friday, Ferrari were joined by McLaren, Renault and Williams in stating their intention to appeal in the belief that the punishment was too lenient.

Conversely, Racing Point also planned to appeal in defence of their position, wanting the decision and sanctions overturned.

The 96-hour deadline to officially appeal expires at 9am BST on Wednesday morning and Ferrari ensured they got in with time to spare by announcing their intention on Tuesday evening.

They were quickly followed by Renault, but McLaren were understood not to be going ahead with an appeal.

The design of the RP20 car’s rear brake ducts was found to be in breach of the sporting regulations but not the technical rules amid the furore over the ‘copying’ of last year’s World Championship-winning Mercedes.

But Racing Point have been allowed to continue using the brake ducts for the remainder of this season, sparking concerns among a number of teams over the ruling.

After last weekend’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone, in which their cars driven by Lance Stroll and Nico Hulkenberg finished sixth and seventh respectively, Racing Point received an FIA reprimand for their continued use of the brake ducts.

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Lawrence Stroll, owner of the Racing Point team, had issued an angry statement before Sunday’s race, accusing the protesting teams of “dragging our name through the mud”.

Stroll added: “I’m extremely angry at any suggestion that we have been underhand or have cheated, particularly those comments coming from our competitors.

“I have never cheated at anything in my life. These accusations are completely unacceptable and not true.

“My integrity, and that of my team, is beyond question. Everyone at Racing Point was shocked and disappointed by the FIA ruling and firmly maintain our innocence.

“I’m appalled by the way Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and Williams have taken this opportunity to appeal, and in doing so attempted to detract from our performances.

“They are dragging our name through the mud and I will not stand by nor accept this. I intend to take all necessary actions to prove our innocence.

“My team has worked tirelessly to deliver the competitive car we have on the grid. I am truly upset to see the poor sportsmanship of our competitors.”

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