Ferrari promise ‘brand new’ car for 2024 with mistakes halting progress

Sam Cooper
The Ferrari cars on the Zandvoort bank. F1 starting grid

Changes are on the way for Ferrari.

Ferrari have admitted there are fundamental issues with the SF-23, prompting them to design an entirely new car for the 2024 season.

It has reached the point of the season when teams start to turn their attention to the following year in the hope of getting a jump on their rivals.

One team more in need of a jump than most is Ferrari who find themselves 123 points down from this point last year.

Ferrari promise ‘very different’ car in hope of recovery

Ferrari’s head of aero Enrico Cardile admitted the architectural choices they made for 2023 were “not right” and that they were preventing the team from unlocking the performance needed to chase the top pack.

As a result, they have gone back to the drawing board with team boss Fred Vasseur teasing in the week the prospect of a drastically different car, something Cardile confirmed.

“It will be very different because developing this car, we realised that some architectural choices we did were not right,” he told media including “It was constraining us to match the development.

“Next year’s car will not be an evolution of the car but a brand new car. Different chassis with different design and different aero around it to allow us to do better development with the car and achieve the targets.” recommends

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As for what went wrong with this year’s car, Cardile said it was “crystal clear” just what wrong choices the Maranello team made.

“It is crystal clear what we did wrong with the car,” he said. “What the weaknesses are is clear. It is not a matter of understanding what we should do now for the future, it is a matter of delivering a good product which will cope with the targets we have.

“We are not in nowhere land. We know what we have to do and it is a matter of doing it. It’s a matter of finding the right contents of the car, the right architecture of the car to achieve the target.

“The car is consistent during the racing weekend in terms of behaviour but sometimes the car behaviour changes from track to track. In Hungary, we had a difficult time. In Belgium, the performance was back.”

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