Glock calls for Ferrari disqualification

Mark Scott
Ferrari are to test their 2018 car at Mugello

Ferrari are to test their 2018 car at Mugello

Timo Glock has hit out at the way the FIA has handled its investigation into Ferrari, calling on the Scuderia to be disqualified.

The saga involving Ferrari has erupted over the course of the last week after the FIA announced they had agreed a private settlement with the Scuderia after an investigation into the legality of their engine.

The seven non-Ferrari-powered teams revealed their “surprise and shock” at the [lack of] findings, but the FIA countered that  with a response saying that they could not categorically state that Ferrari had cheated despite “not been fully satisfied” with what they found during the power unit investigation.

Ex-Formula 1 turned pundit, Glock, has criticised how long it has taken for the FIA to come to this conclusion and went on to say that clear rule breaches should be punishable by disqualifications rather than fines – which Ferrari did receive after their fuel load anomaly in Abu Dhabi in  2019.

“The fact that Ferrari may be cheating was already hinted at last season,” Glock told

“The other teams asked for tests on the engine, Ferrari suddenly slowed down, Max Verstappen publicly accused Ferrari of cheating and, in the last race of the season, there was an fuel load investigation on Charles Leclerc’s car.

“From the FIA’s ​​perspective, it is of course very unfortunate that the investigations took so long and were only published in this way shortly before the new season.

“Maybe there was some tactics involved.”

“In my opinion, there is no longer a fine,” Glock added.

“Anyone who does not play by the rules in sports or in a competition and consciously manipulates them should be taken out of the race and be disqualified.”

The FIA could have their hands full heading into the season opener in Melbourne as official protests could be lodged regarding Mercedes’ DAS system and Racing Point’s RP20 being a Mercedes’ W10 clone.

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