Ferrari complete 2023 tyre testing at Mugello

Sam Cooper
Aerial shot of Charles Leclerc in action. Italy April 2022

Aerial shot of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in action in the F1-75. Italy April 2022

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz were present as Ferrari conducted their final Pirelli 2023 tyre test at Mugello.

It is the second batch of tests for next season with the Ferrari boys Leclerc and Sainz last taking to the track back in April.

According to, the drivers tested many things but primarily the 18″ tyres which will have a rounder profile than the 2022 edition next year. Mario Isola’s engineering team also increased downforce as teams better understand the effects of porpoising and how to combat it.

The FIA set strict rules when it comes to these tests and teams are required to use a car that has featured in a race this season but it must use the same set-up throughout the whole day of testing.

Ferrari themselves got into trouble back in April when some alleged they had used parts which did not fit the regulations but the FIA chose not to punish them.

The drivers themselves are kept unaware of what setup they are running and the data gathered by Pirelli will then be shared with the rest of the teams.

The test will, though, have put both drivers in good practice for the upcoming British Grand Prix with the Mugello circuit’s fast corners being more reminiscent of Silverstone’s than Montreal’s are.

Leclerc in particular will be hoping his fortunes change in England after going six races without a win. This week, the Monégasque’s title credentials were questioned by 1997 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve who said Leclerc makes “a few little mistakes that he shouldn’t.”

“He’s super-quick, but right now he still makes a few little mistakes that he shouldn’t,” Villeneuve told the F1 Nation podcast.

“Imola, for example, then he’s not helped by the team. That’s the energy they all have together.

“Right now we know he’s fast, he’s aggressive, is he a World Champion? Is he like Max? How is he under pressure when it’s money time for the championship?

“That’s what we still need to find out.”

Leclerc currently trails both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in the Drivers’ Championship while Ferrari are 76 points behind Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championship.

In Montreal, Leclerc took a penalty for replacing his power unit but managed to salvage a P5 finish in Canada to keep him in the title race alongside the Dutchman.