Exposed Ferrari power unit to be put on public display at F1 Exhibition

Henry Valantine
Charles Leclerc tests a 2021 Ferrari. Fiorano January 2023.

Charles Leclerc completes a 'wake-up' test for Ferrari ahead of the new season. Fiorano January 2023.

A Ferrari power unit from the 2021 season will be going on display at the all-new F1 Exhibition in Madrid, when it opens on Friday.

An engine from the Scuderia, used in the 2021 SF21 has been given to the Exhibition, and it will be the first time any Ferrari Formula 1 engine will have been placed on public display anywhere in the world.

It will also offer a unique opportunity for fans to see the inner workings of a modern day Formula 1 hybrid power unit, with the 1.6-litre V^ internal combustion engine combining with a turbocharger, two Motor Generator Units, Control Electronics and an Energy Store to pump out around 1000bhp in the current specification of cars.

The 065/6 power unit from the SF21 will be located in the Revolution by Design room of the F1 Exhibition, one of seven different rooms which showcases many of the parts of the sport in a completely different way to what fans have been used to before.

Other installations confirmed to be in the Exhibition will be the Haas chassis rescued from Romain Grosjean’s fireball crash in Bahrain in 2020, as well as Pierre Gasly’s Italian Grand Prix-winning AlphaTauri car from the same season. recommends

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Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur said of the power unit being put on display: “We are thrilled to join forces with the Formula 1 Exhibition to showcase our 2021 power unit. The engine has forever been at the heart of Ferrari and the unprecedented amount of time spent developing and fine-tuning it is testament to just how fundamental it is to the team’s success.

“This piece of technology deserves to be shown to the world and we are excited to give visitors a rare insight into such an important part of our DNA.”

Timothy Harvey, lead curator and producer of the F1 Exhibition added: “Like many Formula 1 teams, Ferrari’s design, engine and power development is a closely guarded secret, so it’s an honour to have been trusted to share this spectacular piece of engineering with our visitors.

“Ferrari have a monumental legacy in the advancement of automotive design, so to get this close to one of their own power units is simply incredible. I know it’s going to be one of the stars of the show when we open!”

The F1 Exhibition will open fully on Friday 24th March at IFEMA in Madrid.