Binotto expects some early 2022 surprises

Michelle Foster
A Ferrari flag in the crowd. Mexico, November 2021.

A Ferrari flag flown in the crowd at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Mattia Binotto is expecting “some surprises” early in 2022 as rivals scramble to copy one another’s innovations.

2022 marks the beginning of a new era for Formula 1, a completely new design philosophy to last year’s cars as this year’s are designed around ground effect aerodynamics.

Only time will tell though whether the new cars produce the closer racing that Formula 1’s powers-that-be are wanting.

With that in mind Ross Brawn and Formula 1’s technical group have done several rounds of “rule-busting”, as the former Ferrari and Mercedes man described it, in a bid to close any loopholes that could give one team an advantage over the rest of the field.

But while he believes they have done just that, the Formula 1 teams have spent the last year – if not longer – looking for that one innovation that will give them an early advantage.

Binotto says it could happen leading to a few early season surprises.

“We can expect some surprises, especially at the beginning of the season where some teams will have identified better solutions that others may not have thought of,” he told Sky Italia.

And then, he says, it is up to Ferrari to “demonstrate the ability to react if necessary and direct developments.

“It will be important to further improve and be competitive.”

Speaking about the new cars, the Italian says the drivers will also have a period adjustment that they will have to go through as the cars are very different to last season’s.

“It will be a very different season,” he added, “with very different cars from the ones we know.

“The regulations are completely new, different shapes and aerodynamics, suspensions and mechanics all different. We expect different cars to drive, the drivers will have to adapt.

“They will be much faster cars in the fast sections and corners, they will probably be slower in the slower sectors. They will be stiffer and lower, therefore more complicated for the drivers as well.”

Binotto believes Ferrari are up for the challenge having recovered to third last season.

Although it was a second successive season without a single race win on the board, the team boss believes Ferrari have taken steps both on the track and behind the scenes to improve.

“If I look at the past there were many areas to improve: engine, chassis, aerodynamics and the development tools between calculation and track,” he said. “Today I see an improved team.


“We will see the fruit of the work shortly, when we get on track with the car. We will have to be good, regardless of how it behaves, to understand and analyse it.”

Ferrari will unveil their 2022 car, the F1-75, on 17 February.


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