Ferrari hint at other F1 2024 car launch dates after forced change made

Sam Cooper
Ferrari's badge in the paddock.

Ferrari have become the first team to unveil their 2024 launch date.

Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur has confirmed their 2024 car will be released on February 13, making them the first team to announce their launch date.

Launch date reveals are typically reserved until after the Christmas period but Ferrari boss Vasseur was in a giving spirit when he attended the team’s end of year review.

The Ferrari boss said the car will be unveiled on Tuesday, February 13 but suggested that was not their first choice of date.

Ferrari unveil 2024 car launch date

Ferrari unveiled 2023’s SF-23 on Valentine’s Day this year but will lift the covers on 2024’s car one day earlier according to the team principal.

Speaking at an end of season dinner for the Ferrari staff, Vasseur revealed that the option of unveiling on Valentine’s Day again was not available for them. recommends

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“We will have one day more before the test! No no, it’s quite tight, honestly and more seriously, we have the test a bit before, and it’s quite a challenge to put everything together,” Vasseur said, according to RACER.

“It means we had no other option I think also, but some other teams are doing it also on the 14th. It’s quite challenging to be ready for Bahrain.”

As for the name, Vasseur was not willing to divulge that information with Ferrari one of the more difficult teams to predict when it comes to naming their cars.

He also did not want to make any comments on its performance, suggesting instead that it will come as an “Easter gift” in March.

“I don’t have to promise something,” the Frenchman said.

“The best way is to be focused on what we are doing, to deliver, and the Christmas gift for will be if we are able to do a good job in March, not for Christmas. Christmas, the gift is just based on promise, and I don’t want to make a promise.

“We will see in March. It will be the Easter gift!”

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