Ferrari reach landmark moment as key F1 preparations ramp up – report

Thomas Maher
The Ferrari factory entrance in Maranello, Italy.

Ferrari have set a date of February 13 to lift the covers of their 2024 car.

Ferrari has allegedly fired up the first power unit it will use for the new 2026 regulations, more than two years ahead of their introduction.

Formula 1 will roll out radically different power unit regulations for the 2026 Formula 1 season. While sticking with the 1.6-litre V6 turbo architecture, the ratio of power delivered from the electric recovery systems will be increased to 50 percent, while the MGU-H will be banned completely.

While the new ruleset remains more than two years away from introduction, Ferrari has apparently ticked off the box of successfully firing up its first power unit prototype to conform to these regulations.

Ferrari fires up 2026 power unit

According to a report in Motorsport Italy, Ferrari managed to fire up the new iteration of the F1 power unit just before the Christmas shutdown began, with the early indications being ‘positive’.

While obviously not a power unit that will ever see a race track, it’s an early sign that the project being led by Wolf Zimmerman and Enrico Gualtieri is achieving tangible results.

The report also claims Ferrari is particularly interested in focusing on the combustion phase of the engine due to the impact of the switch to sustainable fuels from 2026, while Ferrari is also benefitting from their collaboration with Austria-based AvL due to their extensive engineering knowledge working with hybrid engines. recommends

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The next two years will likely be used to explore different avenues of ideas to improve upon this base, with several versions of the initial 2026 unit expected during the first phase of development.

Finally, the report has also hinted at a ‘climate of confidence’ that the racing department at Ferrari has about the prospects for the 2024 F1 car – currently codenamed Project 676 – which will be launched on February 13th.

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