‘Unusual’ and ‘original’ Ferrari F1-75 aero design teased

Jamie Woodhouse
A Ferrari flag in the crowd. Mexico, November 2021.

A Ferrari flag flown in the crowd at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Ferrari reportedly have followed a unique path with the F1-75, pushed towards the “extreme” through recent struggles.

The upcoming 2022 campaign presents an opportunity for teams to climb up the order in Formula 1, thanks to the introduction of heavily revised regulations.

And one of the teams drawing the most attention is Ferrari.

The Scuderia delivered an impressive recovery campaign in 2021, going from battling to score points the season prior, to finishing on the podium five times and claiming two pole positions.

Understandably though the team is not content with their leading midfield position, instead for 2022 they have their sights set on returning to the victory and title scene thanks to the regulatory shift.

And according to Corriere Della Sera, Ferrari have been creative with their F1-75 in a bid to make sure their goals are realised.

Their report states that according to those that have laid eyes on the F1-75, the shape is “surprising”, thus “indicating an aerodynamic design that is as unusual as it is original, both in terms of its lines and its proportions”.

“Those who have seen it say it has a rampant look, with a few “nocturnal” touches, especially on the wings,” the piece adds.

“Those who designed it are aware that they have chosen an aggressive philosophy.

“The fact that they have come through a long critical period seems to have generated a push towards the extreme.”

Of course if Ferrari are to return to being a consistent runner at the front of the grid, then the new power unit will need to deliver as well as the chassis.

2022 represents the final opportunity for the power unit manufacturers to make an impact in this department before a development freeze then comes into play, lasting until 2025, with the new generation of power units then expected in 2026.

Fortunately for Ferrari, Corriere Della Sera state that the team have gone brave with the F1-75 “with the certainty of having found the power needed to push on from the very first chapters of the season”.

In fact, having reportedly made “plenty” of progress in this department, Ferrari are apparently taking a risk on the reliability front for the start of the season with their new power unit.


The F1-75 will be unveiled on February 17, which will reportedly be an “authentic first viewing”, rather than a livery reveal or show car which has been utilised by several teams now in order to shield innovations ahead of the new campaign.


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