Ferrari fans fume at Nico Rosberg as curse strikes again at Monza

Jamie Woodhouse
Nico Rosberg Monza selfie.

Nico Rosberg selfie overlooking the Monza grid.

Never mind the Monza curse, Ferrari fell victim to the Nico Rosberg curse after defeat to Max Verstappen on home soil.

Verstappen showed up in Ferrari’s backyard looking to spoil the Tifosi’s party and make Formula 1 history in the process, knowing that Italian Grand Prix victory would mark his 10th in a row, a streak never before seen in Formula 1.

And despite valiant defence from Carlos Sainz, Verstappen would finally complete a pass on the lead Ferrari on Lap 15.

Nico Rosberg cursed Ferrari

Verstappen went on to take another comfortable victory and thus seal that record-breaking 10th grand prix win on the trot, with Sergio Perez making it a Red Bull one-two, far from the result which Rosberg had hoped for.

Ahead of the race he had taken to social media to display his support for the Scuderia on home turf.

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Rosberg further affirmed his Ferrari allegiances pre-race by declaring: “I want to see Ferrari win today. The atmosphere will be incredible.”

It is worth noting that he had said Verstappen was the favourite for pole, which ended up going Sainz’s way, so at this point, as one social media user suggested: “Guys it’s over. Nico Rosberg said Forza Ferrari. Let’s go home.” recommends

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At least Sainz gave it his best shot, but alas, the Nico Rosberg curse was too great to overcome, and the Tifosi were not happy.

At least we got a definitive answer as to which curse is stronger as Verstappen defeated the Monza variant!

“Nico Rosberg I have beef with you,” another social media user wrote, while a fellow Rosberg curse sufferer posted: “Max is ahead of the Ferraris so I blocked Nico Rosberg.”

So, while Rosberg goes to hide from the ticked off Tifosi, Verstappen is celebrating his new F1 benchmark as he extends his Drivers’ Championship lead over Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez to 145 points.

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