Ferrari fans warned against ‘knee-jerk’ reaction after Carlos Sainz’s Aus GP win

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Carlos Sainz versus Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz at Ferrari in 2025.

Ferrari will not regret dropping Carlos Sainz for Lewis Hamilton despite the Spaniard winning the Australian GP on a day when their 2025 driver was fighting for minor points.

Ferrari announced even before the first race of this season that they would not be renewing Sainz’s contract after having signed Hamilton from Mercedes.

‘No, I don’t think Ferrari will be regretting it’

The announcement came as a shock given just last year Hamilton had put pen to paper on a two-year extension while Sainz had been talking about renewing with Ferrari.

The two drivers have had contrasting fortunes at the start of their final season with their teams.

While Hamilton has struggled to score points with a best result of P7, Sainz already has two podiums to his tally, one of which came courtesy of his Australian Grand Prix win.

The Spaniard is the only driver since 2022 to beat Red Bull.

However, F1 presenter and commentator Matt Gallagher doesn’t believe Ferrari have any regrets about their decision.

“No, no,” he told the Sky Sports podcast. “F1 fans, we’re so knee-jerk.

“Carlos Sainz wins one race. Lewis Hamilton can’t drive a car anymore. Let’s not forget that Lewis can absolutely drive a Formula 1 car.

“Yes, he’s not had the best start of the season. He’s been qualified by George by half-a-tenth, a tenth, and all of a sudden it’s this big thing.

“You look at when Ferrari announced Hamilton to the team for next year. I know their stock price went up for other reasons, but I think they gained pretty much how much it was worth in that one day.

“So for Ferrari, there is no regret because you’ve not just got Lewis Hamilton joining, you’ve got the story, you’ve got the amount of eyeballs that will be on Ferrari next year.

“Carlos Sainz would not have lost his seat to many drivers, if any, apart from perhaps Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had they come knocking. And unfortunately one of them did.

“It’s not a reflection on Carlos Sainz as a driver. It’s the fact you’ve got Lewis Hamilton with all of his accolades wanting to have a go in the red car.

“So no, I don’t think Ferrari will be regretting it.

“I think they will try and make the most of Carlos this year and the amazing partnership that Sainz and Charles Leclerc have, but next year for Formula 1 fans and for everyone, it’s going to be an incredible story to watch unfold.” recommends

Carlos Sainz pushing Ferrari towards buyer’s remorse after Lewis Hamilton swap

F1 2024: Head-to-head race statistics between team-mates

Three races into this season and Charles Leclerc is the lead Ferrari driver in the standings as he sits runner-up to Sainz’s P4.

That, though, can be largely attributed to the Spaniard sitting out the Saudi Arabian GP after undergoing an appendectomy.

Gallagher doesn’t believe Ferrari will regret keeping Leclerc instead of Sainz, even if the Spaniard wins six races to his team-mate’s one.

“That’s very hypothetical,” he said, “and I think we’d need a few more Max Verstappen brake issues for that.

“But no, I will say that even with that, it will be amazing for Carlos to bow out of his Ferrari career with that. They’ve got Lewis Hamilton joining.

“I sound like a big Lewis Hamilton fan right now but you just have to respect what he still has in the locker. Last year he nearly finished second in a Mercedes against a Red Bull in the Drivers’ Championship. He’s still got it.”

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