Ferrari request FIA clarification on DAS system

Mark Scott
Ferrari Mercedes

Ferrari Mercedes

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has confirmed the team will approach the FIA for clarification on Mercedes’ innovative DAS system.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas both have the ability to push and pull their steering wheel to control whether the tyres on the W11 are toed in or out as they navigate through straights and corners.

The legality of the system came under immediate scrutiny once the on-board footage of the steering wheel moving back and forth was picked up by TV cameras. Mercedes appear to be relaxed with tech guru James Allison “pretty confident” that DAS does not conflict with any current regulation.

The 2021 regulations will effectively outlaw DAS being used from next season onward, the FIA has confirmed, but Ferrari still want some more clarification as to whether it can actually be used this season.

If the FIA come back to them and say the Mercedes’ DAS is 100 per cent legal, Ferrari will accept the decision and not contemplate further protests.

“I’ve seen that there is a lot of discussion about it,” Binotto said via

“Personally myself, I didn’t really look in detail, what it’s about, but I think we trust fully the FIA.

“I’m pretty sure that they have already done the right decision, or they will do it. But I completely trust on what FIA will judge.”

“Are we discussing with the FIA? Not yet.

“We will do for clarification, important for us to understand, but as I said, we will not challenge the FIA on their decision, because we trust them fully on what will be or has been the decision on that.”

Binotto also revealed his concerns over Ferrari’s initial pace in testing, saying that he believes the Scuderia are behind both their rivals in Mercedes and Red Bull.

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