Ferrari ‘ready’ for any race weekend format

Jamie Woodhouse
Mattia Binotto Ferrari

Mattia Binotto says Ferrari are flexible for "whatever" is decided for 2020 season.

Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto says that his team are flexible and “ready for whatever” race weekend format F1 comes up with.

The Canadian Grand Prix has now been postponed, meaning that the first nine scheduled rounds of the 2020 season are not going ahead as planned.

Formula 1 bosses still want to put together a new schedule for 2020 of at least 15 races and many different formats have been discussed, including reducing race weekends to two days and multiple races on a weekend.

And Binotto says Ferrari will remain fully flexible and support “whatever” decision is made.

“We know from the sporting regulations that to have a World Championship you need at least eight races, but everyone is trying to look for more than that,” he told Sky Sports.

“I think what will be important for us is really to be flexible.

“I’m pretty sure Chase [Carey, F1 chairman] and the teams will be capable of putting together the best championship we can have. From our side, we are ready for whatever is needed whether short race weekends, double races, whenever it will finish or packing the races together.

“It is important to be flexible and making sure we can have good races as well for the fans.”

Binotto didn’t want to speculate over a start date for the 2020 season, but was hopeful of maybe getting the ball rolling from July.

“I think it is very difficult to answer [when the season will start], no one can really know it,” he said.

“F1 is certainly trying to organise the best season, maybe starting early July if that would be possible but we cannot have any confirmation at the moment. But I think by the end of May we will have a clearer picture.

“I think it is in the interests of everyone to start racing when we can, when that will be possible, and have as many races as we can but I think now it’s too early to have a clear picture of what will be the future.”

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