Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur names Max Verstappen’s ‘most impressive’ trait

Sam Cooper
Fred Vasseur and Max Verstappen

Fred Vasseur believes Max Verstappen has not made a mistake in two years.

Fred Vasseur has hailed Max Verstappen for not making a single mistake in two years.

Verstappen is in a golden period of form having won the last 10 races in a row, more than any other driver in F1 history but praise has not come from all directions.

While some team principals may have tried their best to diminish that achievement, Ferrari’s Vasseur certainly did not and picked out the Dutchman’s most impressive trait.

Fred Vasseur praises Max Verstappen’s mistake-free years

While at Alfa Romeo, Vasseur may have been afforded more allowance to stand back and admire Verstappen, these days his task is to topple him.

But while Ferrari work on that, Vasseur has picked out Verstappen’s consistency as his most impressive quality, noting that the Red Bull driver has not made a mistake in two years.

“What is impressive is that, for sure, [Red Bull] always had mega pace,” the Frenchman said.

“From Monza to Monaco, you can cover all the aspects of the track – they were performant and this is impressive.

“But I think the most impressive for me is that Max, it’s not just about the last 10 races, but it’s about the last two years. I would say that he [has done] a single mistake.

“For sure, it’s easier to not do mistakes when you have margin on the others and so on.

“But even in this kind of circumstances, he is able to manage the situation very well.” recommends

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While Verstappen will have to wait at least another week to secure his title, Red Bull can mathematically win the Constructors’ title this weekend and the Dutchman said the team has always been operating at a high level, only now do they have a car to match that.

“I think we always had quite high level performance as a team, but we just didn’t have that good of a car, I think, up until this year,” Verstappen said.

“Of course, you know, last year already the car was very good. But the years before we were close, winning here and there and not fighting for the Constructors’, but yeah, I think everything really came together.

“We understood this new regulation really well and when you have the good people also in every single position, you can achieve something like you’re witnessing right now.”

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