Ferrari issue response to address latest ‘quit threat’

Date published: April 23 2020 - Mark Scott


Ferrari has released a statement to cool any strong suggestions of the team quitting Formula 1 over the ongoing budget cap row.

McLaren boss Zak Brown hinted that the Scuderia and Red Bull were the two big Formula 1 teams refusing to drop to lower budget caps that will help protect all team finances during these unprecedented times and in the recovery process when normality is eventually restored.

That stance has been called selfish by 2016 World Champion, Nico Rosberg, and FIA president Jean Todt has warned that there is a chance that some teams will not make it through the entire lockdown period unless more precautionary measures are taken.

In an interview with The Guardian, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto seemed to suggest that the Scuderia would quit the sport if the cap did fall below $150million.

But Ferrari themselves has since stated that there has been a misunderstanding and have clarified Binotto’s comments in their own statement.

“We would like to clarify what Mattia said in his interview with published yesterday night,” Ferrari said in a statement.

“He never mentioned about Scuderia Ferrari quitting F1, on the contrary, he said that we would not want to be put in a position of having to look at further options, besides continuing racing in F1, for deploying our racing DNA, in case the budget cap would be even more drastically reduced, putting at risk hundreds of workplaces.

“The misunderstanding was raised by the misleading headline of the article which was published at first and was immediately corrected.”

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