Ferrari limitations create another Red Bull copycat for 2024 grid

Sam Cooper
The Ferrari of Charles Leclerc ahead of Nico Hulkenberg

Haas are struggling from the same problems as Ferrari.

Haas have become the latest team to reportedly move towards a Red Bull style design for their 2024 car after discovering problems with Ferrari’s original concept.

The Maranello staff have spoken of the issues the team has faced with the current design of the SF-23 but it is not just Ferrari that have noticed the problem.

Haas, who copy as much of the Ferrari car as allowed by the regulations, have also noticed they have hit a brick wall and are reportedly looking to move towards a Red Bull concept.

Haas opt for radical change after hitting Ferrari brick wall

Having won every race this season as well as both 2022 titles, it should come as little surprise that other teams are trying to replicate what Red Bull are doing.

It was Aston Martin who first produced a very similar looking car at the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix but that was later proven to be a coincidence while many teams have taken some of the best elements of the RB18 for their 2023 runner.

Ferrari initially resisted the temptation and stuck with the design of the F1-75 but after another year of development, they have found themselves hitting a brick wall when it comes to increasing the speed of the car.

This limitation has had a knock-on effect for Haas who use every legal part from Ferrari and Simone Resta’s technical team believes there is not much more improvement to be made on their 2023 runner.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Haas’ 2024 design will be much closer to that of Red Bull’s, a technique Ferrari have also decided to go with.

But there is a limit to how much Haas are able to diverge away from Ferrari. The architecture of the car is dictated by their Maranello neighbours and will be using the remainder of the 2023 season to gather data that can be implemented next season. recommends

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Team principal Guenther Steiner raised the example of McLaren’s sudden improvement as the performance gains that can be made in a short period of time and said there was “no point” in standing still.

“McLaren has shown that you can make a big leap with a concept change,” he said. “There’s no point in always putting new parts on your existing car and still standing still,” Steiner encourages himself and his squad.”

According to AMuS, Haas will design a new chassis with components that are heavily cut on the underside, in the style of Red Bull, which will allow more aerodynamic freedom in the airflow above and below the base plate.

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