Ferrari masterplan or mishap? F1 fans in meltdown over botched pit-stop post

Jamie Woodhouse
Ferrari pit stop practice at Suzuka.

Ferrari pit stop practice.

A genuine error in selecting the best take or a ploy to boost engagement? F1 fans piled into the comments after Ferrari’s ‘poetry in motion’ pit stop proved to be anything but.

The F1 2024 campaign is now drawing ever closer, with the Ferrari SF-24 which will be sent into battle for the upcoming campaign now free from its covers and having enjoyed a shakedown run at Ferrari’s Fiorano track.

And with Ferrari’s off-season work now presented in physical form via the SF-24, greater focus can turn towards the extracurricular activities involved in creating a race-winning outfit, such as pit stops. Sadly, it seems Ferrari has a lot of work still to do in that regard. Or do they?

Ferrari post pit-stop footage featuring clear front-left botch

Ferrari took to social media to offer fans a glimpse into their F1 2024 pit-stop preparations, carrying the caption ‘poetry in motion’.

However, it was far from the best attempt at a pit stop to feature in a promotional video, with execution lacking on the front-left tyre change, a video which was later deleted.

F1 fans did not shy away from highlighting that glaring botch. recommends

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“There’s no way that you guys managed to f*ck up the front left even on a promotional video,” one fan replied, a fellow fan pointing out: “Well that was painfully slow.”

Another fan asked: “Did your director not make you do it again?” “There is no way this is the best take,” a fan added.

One fan is already fearing for the season ahead after seeing this post, and is instead suggesting looking ahead to 2025, when Ferrari is set to welcome seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton into the team as Charles Leclerc’s new team-mate.

“I would not have released this promo…because if this is a taste of what’s to come this season, then let’s look forward to 2025,” that fan replied. “Left tyre changer you need practice.”

“Looking at this Hamilton might think twice on his upcoming move,” another fan suggested.

Fortunately for Ferrari, if this was a genuine sign of major work still being required on their pit-stop execution, then time is on their side with three days of pre-season testing to come in Bahrain from February 21-23, before the season-opener takes place at the Bahrain International Circuit the following weekend.

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