Ferrari’s Project 676 receives surprise official chassis name for F1 2024 season

Thomas Maher
Ferrari's 2023 SF-23 is revealed at its launch, February 2023.

Ferrari has stayed consistent in its chassis naming for 2024, with the SF-24 officially christened.

Ferrari has revealed the official name for their 2024 F1 chassis, which had been codenamed Project 676 over the winter break.

Ferrari is well known for being wildly inconsistent with the official names for their F1 cars but has broken that amusing tradition by remaining consistent in their nomenclature for a second consecutive season.

The 2024 Ferrari will be named the SF-24, following on from 2023’s SF-23 – the first time since 2018 Ferrari has run with a very logical digit increase to signify the new chassis.

Ferrari name 2024 car the SF-24

Ferrari says they are continuing the tradition of their naming structure adopted since early on in the hybrid era, by starting the official chassis name with ‘SF’ which stands for, obviously, Scuderia Ferrari.

Starting with the 2015 SF15-T, Ferrari has named all their chassis since with the SF prefix – aside from the 2022 machine.

Confusingly for everyone but Ferrari, the team has also occasionally had a hyphenated chassis name and then, on other occasions, dropped it.

Ferrari’s varying chassis names over the past 10 years

2014: F14 T

2015: SF15-T

2016: SF16-H

2017: SF70H (Celebrating Ferrari’s 70th anniversary as a carmaker)

2018: SF71H

2019: SF90 (Celebrating Ferrari’s 90th anniversary as a company)

2020: SF1000 (Celebrating Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix at the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix)

2021: SF21

2022: F1-75 (Celebrating Ferrari’s 75th anniversary as a carmaker)

2023: SF-23

2024: SF-24

Having been codenamed Project 676 over the course of the winter, the SF-24 has been christened just over two weeks before its official launch date.

Ferrari will reveal their new car on the 13th of February.

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