Ferrari on Max: ‘Why give credibility to a 22 year old?’

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen PA

Max Verstappen PA

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri does not appear to have a lot of time for Max Verstappen following comments made about the Scuderia this season.

Verstappen accused Ferrari of cheating as Ferrari’s drop in pace coincided with the FIA issuing a series of Technical Directives relating to engine legality.

Camilleri was asked why Ferrari had never directly responded to Verstappen’s comments and he said the silent treatment can sometimes be the best way to go.

“Silence in some situations is more powerful than words,” Camilleri told reporters in Ferrari’s end-of-year debrief.

“We are Ferrari, we are a company quoted on the stock exchange, why give credibility to a 22-year-old kid?

“It was a way to put us under pressure.”

Asked if Ferrari were interested in signing Verstappen, Camilleri simply said: “No.”

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto once again maintained that the Scuderia have not broken any rules and also believes the cheating accusations were an attempt to disrupt the team.

“We have been controlled by the FIA very often and we always respected the rules,” Binotto said.

“One team always accuses the other team when they have an advantage. F1 is very competitive and it’s not only a fight on the track.

“Putting a team under pressure saying they are cheating can be a way to put extra pressure on rivals and distract them.”

Ferrari also confirmed that the rumours about Lewis Hamilton holding talks with them during the 2019 season were indeed true.

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