Ferrari planning ‘assault on Red Bull’s magic circle’ – report claims

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Champagne celebrations at Red Bull.

Ferrari are reportedly making a play for three of Red Bull's tech team.

Reports in Italy claim Ferrari are planning an “assault on the magic circle” of Red Bull’s technical team, targeting “three figures” who work closely with technical director Pierre Wache.

Although it has long been known that Ferrari want to sign Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey the Scuderia has even made three confirmed attempts, more recently they are said to have turned their attention to Wache.

Ferrari are reportedly chasing Red Bull’s brains trust

Last year, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner revealed Wache had made it clear to him he was not set to swap Red Bull for Ferrari.

“In terms of personnel moving to Ferrari, certainly at a senior or medium level, there’s nothing planned,” Horner said, adding: “Individuals that have been mentioned in connection with Ferrari came to see me last week and mentioned their disbelief in some of these rumours.”

However, last month fresh rumours emerged claiming Wache was now “seriously considering” a move to Maranello after the team signed Lewis Hamilton.

But according to Gazzetta dello Sport, it’s not Wache who Ferrari are interested in signing but “three” well-placed personnel in his team.

Referring to “increasingly insistent and consistent rumours”, the Italian publication reports Ferrari have “intensified contacts with some members of the technical office of the World Champion team.”

Calling it an “assault on the magic circle made up of technicians working closely with technical director Pierre Wachè, Adrian Newey’s right-hand man”, the publication says Ferrari are interested in “at least three figures who occupy the crucial position of engineering and detailed definition of the developments planned for the single-seater in the technical chain of command.” recommends

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They are targeting the people in the know when it comes to Red Bull’s “evolutionary plans for the RB20”, specifically the “individual modification packages” as it is a wealth of information that would help any team potentially close the gap on Red Bull next season.

“Knowing the approach to the development of their single-seater for 2025 could therefore be a further weapon to drastically reduce the gap that separates the pursuers, including Ferrari first and foremost,” Gazzetta adds.

Signing those on the rung below Wache would also mean shorter gardening leave periods.

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