Ferrari withstand steward investigation as Monza pole secured

Jamie Woodhouse
Carlos Sainz in Italian Grand Prix practice.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz drives in his updated livery for the team at Monza.

Ferrari were potentially in hot water with the stewards for a qualifying infringement, but were cleared as Carlos Sainz claimed pole.

With Carlos Sainz having topped FP2 and FP3, the Tifosi will have been getting their hopes up over a potential Ferrari pole position.

But, such hopes may be taken off the table with the stewards taking a look at the conduct of both drivers.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc driving Ferrari SF-23s too slowly?

The investigation relates to Q1 and a possible instance of Leclerc and Sainz not respecting the maximum permitted lap time at Monza.

Triggered by chaotic qualifying sessions for Formula 2 and Formula 3, FIA race director Niels Wittich revised Formula 1’s minimum lap time regulation to include “any laps”, not just in-laps, at Monza.

Setting a maximum lap time which a driver can not exceed is done in a bid to ease traffic and safety issues, so it became apparent that the Ferrari drivers may have failed to respect that time, a 1:41, during Q1.

Indeed, it was claimed that the infringement came on their final Q1 out-laps, with Leclerc reportedly clocking a 1:50.286 and Sainz a 1:58.458.

But as Sainz went on to claim a sensational pole, a huge weight was lifted from collective shoulders at Ferrari when the stewards announced that no further action would be taken, meaning Sainz will lead the pack away on Sunday with Leclerc launching from P3.

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