Revealed: Ferrari uncover another Red Bull secret to RB19 success

Jamie Woodhouse
Ferrari's Charles Leclerc trails Red Bull's Max Verstappen in Bahrain.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc trails Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

Ferrari aerodynamics chief Enrico Cardile has revealed Red Bull introduced a “new technology” for their brake calipers in F1 2023, which potentially shaved weight off the RB19.

The most recent Formula 1 season was a story of record-breaking dominance for the Red Bull team, who claimed a remarkable 21 grand prix wins out of a possible 22.

Ferrari earned the honour of being the team to deny them that undefeated season, Carlos Sainz taking the chequered flag in Singapore, but overall it was a campaign where the competition struggled to lay a glove on the combination of Max Verstappen and the Red Bull RB19.

Ferrari to analyse Red Bull brake caliper new technology

Both Mercedes and Ferrari are set to go back to the drawing board for their F1 2024 challengers as they search for answers to end Red Bull’s dominance.

And an area that they need to look at is the brake calipers, with Cardile suspecting innovation in that area allowed Red Bull to reduce the weight of this component.

Suggested by Auto Motor und Sport that some teams were said to have downsized their calipers while Ferrari took a more conservative approach, Cardile replied: “I don’t think the other teams have smaller calipers.

“This is a so-called open-source component. If a team changes something, they have to share the CAD design plans with everyone else. We can see them.

“Of course, we also study photos. As far as I can tell, the size of the brake calipers is almost the same for all teams.

“Red Bull has introduced a new technology this year that differs from what Mercedes and we have been using for several years. It may be that these new calipers bring a weight advantage. You have to look at that.

“But whether the part is a millimetre bigger or smaller makes no difference.” recommends

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It has generally been accepted that this generation of F1 cars, relying on ground effect aerodynamics, create greater difficulties in nailing the setup.

It could be argued based on that theory that it is no longer possible to create a car that is strong in all areas, though Cardile argues that the Red Bull RB19 served to bust that idea.

“Red Bull is the best example of the fact that there is an all-rounder,” he said. “You just have to work hard and have the right goals.”

Ferrari will head into F1 2024 battle looking to end their extended run without F1 title glory, having not tasted success since winning the 2008 Constructors’ title.

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