Binotto: No ‘great evolution’ for Ferrari in Miami

Jamie Woodhouse
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, from above. Italy, April 2022.

A view of Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, from above at Imola. Italy, April 2022.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto confirmed that the team will not be bringing a major upgrade to the Miami Grand Prix.

Corriere della Sera had reported that in response to title rival Red Bull’s straight-line speed advantage, while the lightening of the RB18 at Imola had led to reduced tyre wear, Ferrari were going to introduce a new rear wing for the first-ever Miami Grand Prix, designed to reduce drag and thus improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The Scuderia would reportedly also make adjustments to the underbody in a bid to lessen the F1-75’s bouncing problem.

But, while Ferrari will make further tweaks to address the bouncing and look to reduce downforce levels for the first visit to the Miami International Autodrome, Binotto says this will not be done through any big upgrades.

A close-up of the Ferrari F1-75 fear wing.
A close-up look at the rear wing on the Ferrari F1-75. Spain, February 2022.

In a virtual press conference, as quoted by Mundo Deportivo, Binotto said: “No, we won’t have a big evolution, but we will have some new parts on the car because Miami is a high-speed circuit and in terms of downforce it is quite different, as it requires less aerodynamic grip.

“We will adapt our car in terms of the downforce level of the circuit and continue to work to prevent porpoising, which is still quite visible, certainly more so than Red Bull, and there is still potential performance there that we have to try to achieve.”


Binotto had said previously that Imola was not the right place for Ferrari to introduce an upgrade as it was a sprint qualifying weekend, which would have meant less practice time to test it.

It turned out to be a very difficult race for the team on home soil, with Carlos Sainz eliminated on the opening lap after being hit by Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren, while Charles Leclerc later spun as he harried Red Bull’s Sergio Perez for P2, ultimately finishing P6.

Max Verstappen went on to claim the victory with Perez making it a Red Bull one-two for the first time since Malaysia 2016, bringing Verstappen and Red Bull right back into title contention.

Ferrari may well need to start bringing through the upgrades then to keep hold of their advantage in the standings, and Binotto said that these “evolutions” are coming in the near future beyond Miami.

“The evolutions will come soon after,” he confirmed.


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