Villeneuve approves of the new Ferrari SF1000

Mark Scott


The ever-outspoken Jacques Villeneuve likes what he sees of the new Ferrari SF1000 and thinks they have taken a step in the right direction.

Ferrari’s straight-line speed was mighty in 2019 but the SF90 struggled in the slow to medium corners which acted as a counterweight to the undisputed pace.

But, based on first impressions, Villeneuve can see how Ferrari has taken the same path as Mercedes from an aerodynamic point of view, resulting in a more tightly-packed car.

“Well first of all it’s wonderful, it’s really a nice car,” Villeneuve told Sky Sports Italia.

“If it’s as fast as it is nice then Ferrari will win the title this year.

“Obviously in this presentation they hide the new parts, but from what we know they have gone in the Mercedes direction and took a different approach from what they did last year.

“I think it’s the right solution if, and there is a big if, they don’t lose too much pace in the straights. That was the strength of Ferrari last year.”

Italian journalist, Leo Turrini, added: “Every Ferrari presentation is like a sacred ritual.

“There is the respect for the history of this brand and there is a name, a big name, the SF1000 to celebrate the 1000 Grand Prix races in F1 for Ferrari – the only team who has participated in every F1 season.

“But this is the past, talking about the future and Ferrari must fight for the title. Last time they won the drivers’ was in 2007. This means that there are kids that are now teenagers that have never seen Ferrari winning a title.

“The Barcelona test won’t tell us anything, we know that top teams will hide their real power. But this car should have everything to fight for the title against Mercedes and Red Bull.”

“But we will have to wait until Melbourne to have a better idea.”

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