Ferrari take the covers off a slimmed down F1-75

Michelle Foster
The Ferrari F1-75. February 2022.

An in-person shot of the Ferrari F1-75 challenger. February 2022.

Ferrari have launched what looks to be the car that will hit the track in Spain next week, the real F1-75 but with some of its secrets hidden.

The Maranello squad pulled the covers off the F1-75 during a digital event on Thursday, presented by team principal Mattia Binotto with drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

With the majority of the teams desperate to keep their secrets hidden until the very last minute, launching show cars – or even releasing rendered images – has become the thing this season.

Ferrari went a different route, showing off a slimmed-down car with a distinct interpretation of the new rules with its sidepod design with cooling louvres on the top.

The car’s new livery stuck out, Ferrari going black and red for this year’s championship

“It is an important day for us, the launch of the F1-75,” said Binotto. “I’m excited.

“We have invested everything in this car, working with courage. We have a good team of people who have gone from strength to strength.

“We have tackled the challenge with an innovative approach and believe we have taken on the exercise with an open mind.”

The team will continue with Leclerc and Sainz this season, Ferrari retaining the same line-up for a second successive year.

“This season is going to be a very important season for the team, for the drivers,” said Leclerc.

“It is a good opportunity and expectations are very high.”

His team-mate Sainz said he was “more than ready for this season”.

The Spaniard added: “2021 was a great year, I learned how the team works and adapted to the environment.

“Now it is time to take the team to another level, take it forward.”

But while in 2021 the team-mates worked together, Ferrari doing well to manage them, this season tension could mount as many are predicting Ferrari could be the front-running team.

Although the Scuderia spent some time last year updating the SF-21, that was very early in the season with the team then turning its full focus to 2022 and the all-new cars.

They still finished third in the championship, beating McLaren to ‘best of the rest’ at the last race, with their upgraded power unit credited for their late-season run of seven successive double points hauls.

The car has already caught the attention of former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi, who told Canal+: “It’s really a wonder how narrow the car is. I hope it will go as fast as Red Bull and Mercedes.


“The car is a gem. Red Bull is nothing special because it is a demonstration car, but the Ferrari will shock.”


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