Ferrari tease ‘special delivery in the making’ for Miami Grand Prix

Thomas Maher
Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will drive these Ferrari 296 GTS machines in Miami.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will drive around in special Ferrari 296s in Miami.

Ferrari has continued to tease its startling switch to a blue-coloured livery for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.

The Scuderia is set to roll out a very different-looking SF-24 in Miami, with Ferrari celebrating the landmark anniversary of its arrival to the market in North America.

Ferrari to run two shades of blue in Miami

2024 marks 60 years since Ferrari went on sale in North America, with the team opting to run a special US-inspired white and blue livery on their cars for the final two races of the 1964 season.

For the Miami Grand Prix, the SF-24 will race with two different shades of Ferrari blue – Azzurro La Plata and Azzurro Dino.

The livery is yet to be properly revealed, but Ferrari has been doing quite a bit of teasing on social media and, with a new video showing off a roadcar livery, has offered further hints as to what the car may look like when it takes to the track at the Hard Rock Stadium.

In a video captioned a “special delivery in the making” posted to YouTube, Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are shown being told they will be given two Ferrari 296 GTS, their mid-rear-engined two-seater, in two different shades.

Silvia Cavallaro, Ferrari’s head of colour and trim, is shown telling Leclerc he will be given the 296 decked in the Azzurro La Plata scheme (light blue), while Sainz will be given the Azzurro Dino (darker blue).

“That looks so cool!” Leclerc is shown saying as he looks at the car, while Sainz smiles “We just need to go to Miami, I cannot wait!” recommends

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Azzurro La Plata, the lighter shade of blue and Argentina’s national racing colour, closely resembles the colours worn by Ferrari racing legend, two-time F1 World Champion Alberto Ascari, while later race suits worn by the likes of John Surtees, Lorenzo Bandini, Ludovico Scarfiotti, Chris Amon and Niki Lauda all sported this shade of blue.

Azzurro Dino meanwhile, the deeper shade of blue, was most recently worn by Clay Regazzoni in 1974, after which the classic red synonymous with Ferrari took over.

The livery reveal, to take place in Florida on a date currently unconfirmed, will form part of a range of Ferrari events to celebrate their US presence, starting on April 28 and concluding on May 5 with a parade of the Miami International Autodrome circuit ahead of the Grand Prix, led by a pair of blue 296 GTS models.

Ferrari most recently ran a one-off livery at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, which also paid homage to an iconic colour scheme of their past – red and white. The race suits of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz also got a corresponding makeover for that occasion.

The 2024 Miami Grand Prix will mark the third staging of this event, as Ferrari looks to end the undefeated streak of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen at the Miami International Autodrome.

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