Ferrari urged to make sensational ‘blank cheque’ move for Max Verstappen

Michelle Foster
Red Bull's Max Verstappen celebrates victory in the pitlane at Suzuka at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen celebrates victory in the pitlane at Suzuka at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Ferrari have been told by Tom Coronel the only option to win a World title is to write Max Verstappen a “blank cheque”.

This year’s championship has seen even more instalments in the Max Verstappen show, don’t call it a podcast, with the Dutchman dominating the season.

With 13 wins in 16 races, including a record-breaking run of 10 on the trot, the reigning World Champion only needs three points at the next race in Qatar to seal title number three.

“If I were the boss of Ferrari…”

His imperious form, which includes nine pole positions and 15 podiums, has set him apart from his rivals with even his team-mate Sergio Perez a distant second.

As for Ferrari, although they are the only team aside from Red Bull to win a grand prix, 2023 will go down as yet another season in which much was promised but little was delivered.

It has Dutch racing driver Coronel urging them to write Verstappen a “blank cheque” to steal him away from Red Bull.

“If I were the boss of Ferrari,” Formule1 quotes him as having told, “I would immediately call Max Verstappen’s management.

“I would give him a blank cheque on which he can fill in the amount per year, as long as Max wears a red suit.”

“The company will almost go bankrupt,” he added with a smile, “but if you want to win, that’s simply the only option.”

But given that Verstappen has a long-term contract that runs until the end of the 2028 season, and one cannot see Red Bull agreeing to release him, Verstappen to Ferrari is for now nothing more than a dream.

Coronel believes Ferrari would be overjoyed to sign the Dutchman.

“Everyone wants to work with Max Verstappen,” he said. “Because they know that if you work with Max, you win races. They also want success and to commit to him, so I think that will work out fine.” recommends

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He reckons winning with Ferrari would also be good for Verstappen in the Formula 1 history annals.

“You are only really a successful racing driver if you win the title in a Ferrari,” said the 51-year-old.

“I don’t want to detract from Max’s success at all, because he is going to break all the records in the world. He is more than special and all the proof has already been provided, we don’t need to talk about that anymore.

“But if you are wearing a red Ferrari suit, you are not a Formula 1 driver, you are next level.”

Earlier this year Verstappen was asked about the Ferrari dream, the 25-year-old making it clear that all he wants in Formula 1 is the best car, the team doesn’t matter.

“People often ask if I have a dream team,” Verstappen said. “I know Ferrari has a unique history in F1 so this is a team that would be great to race for.

“But I’ve always told myself that I just want to drive the strongest car.”

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