Ferrari warned as details of Red Bull ‘copy’ revealed with highly-anticipated SF-24 ‘2.0’

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A Ferrari flag waving at Monza. Italy September 2019

A Ferrari flag waving in the crowd

Taking to the Fiorano circuit in their upgraded SF-24 ‘2.0’ that features Red Bull-styled sidepods including the shark mouth at the inlet, Ferrari have been warned it’s not about the outside, it “must also be correct from the inside”.

Hot on the heels of McLaren putting a heavily revised MCL38 on the track at Miami, and winning, Ferrari will be debuting their upgraded SF-24 at this weekend’s Imola Grand Prix.

Shark mouth inlets and reshaped sidepods

The car, decked out in the full ‘2.0’ package, has already completed its first laps with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz taking part in a 200km filming day at the Fiorano circuit on Friday.

The most notable change, according to, is the new sidepod inlet, reshaped into the shark mouth used by Red Bull for this year’s RB20.

Making a concerted effort to “bring the SF-24 closer to Red Bull”, the revised car features crucial changes to the floor and sidepods.

Restyling the cooling inlets, Ferrari have also reshaped the sidepods and have ditched their S-Duct solution.

“Ferrari now,” read the report, “have an altogether new concept to make cooling and aerodynamics work synergistically. The vertical inlet, which is now directly joined to the shark mouths, forms a sort of ‘P’ inlet in the Alpine and also Mercedes style. Therefore, it has the exclusive function of cooling and internal blowing.”

The engine cover has been altered to improve airflow to the beam wing, while the floor has also undergone massive changes.

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Ferrari warned copying doesn’t work without understanding

Ferrari, though, have been warned that while it’s all good and well copying what they see on the outside, they need to understand what’s going on inside the RB20 to make it work.

Ziggo Sport Race Café’s Rob van Gameren said: “We have been saying for years that you can copy a car from the outside, but it must also be correct from the inside.”

But as his fellow pundit Jack Plooij explained: “But Ferrari brought in some people from Red Bull Racing. You can then bring in the inside [knowledge] in this way.”

Team boss Fred Vasseur has downplayed suggestions the upgrade could be a “game-changer” for Ferrari.

“We are pushing for the development. And as soon as we are ready, we are producing parts,” he said.

“We don’t have to expect that it will be a game changer, but it’s so tight that this can bring performance.”

Ferrari, who won the Australian Grand Prix, are second in the Constructors’ Championship on 187 with Red Bull leading on 239.

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