FIA ‘approves’ tenders for more standardised parts


Last month the FIA invited companies to tender for standardised gearboxes, however, it looks as if that is just the latest push for standardised parts with more to come.

The World Motor Sport Council met last week and gave their approval for the FIA to tender for additional standardised parts for the Formula 1 cars.

An FIA statement read: “The council approved the launch of a series of tenders within the context of the ongoing development of the 2021 technical regulations.”

No further details regarding which parts exactly were given.

F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn recently gave his backing to introducing more standardise parts into Formula 1 as he feels it will close the gap between the haves and the have nots.

“We need to close up the differential between the car in terms of overall performance,” he told Autosport.

“We’ve got a division one and division two at the moment, and we need to stop that, we need to have a much closer performance gap between the teams, and the cost control will be part of that, the regulations that are evolving will be part of that.

“There’s technology that should be exciting and fascinating for the fans, yet every team builds its own fire extinguisher because they want to try and make their fire extinguisher a bit lighter than somebody else’s fire extinguisher.

“Nobody is interested in that. That doesn’t turn anyone on.

“But if you’ve got the money to put into the fire extinguisher, you can probably make one a bit lighter than someone else, and where the teams have the resources, and the money, and the budget, they can do those things.

“And then they get just a fraction of a second advantage there, and a fraction there, a fraction there.

“Before you know it, they’re a second ahead, and the competition is poor.

“So we have to have cars which are close to each other, and when they’re close to each other we have to have them behave in a way that they can race each other.”

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