FIA boss reveals his F1 masterplan involving United States and China

Sam Cooper
FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem talks to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

The FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has big plans for F1's future.

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem says he wants two new F1 teams with one from the US and one from China.

The FIA and F1’s commercial wing, FOM, are very much at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to welcoming new teams.

The sport’s governing body have already green lit Andretti’s application but Ben Sulayem has suggested his ambition does not stop with the American outfit.

FIA president wants even more F1 teams on the grid

The FIA gave Andretti the go-ahead in October but three months down the line and little has been heard about the American family’s negotiations with FOM.

Ben Sulayem in particular has been pushing for their arrival with current F1 rules allowing 12 constructors and the 62-year-old Emirati has said he wants to see two new teams, one from the US and one from China.

“If you ask me what my goal or dream is, I’ll say: A full US team with one driver and a full China team with one driver,” he told Motorsport Magazin.

“Then I would speak of global. And then I would say that my mission is on the right track. I’m talking about manufacturers.

“Small teams come and go. When they see profit, they sell their team. The manufacturers are there to fill in the gaps as they leave. You also have to strike a balance between quality and quantity.”

Although new teams have yet to materialise, F1 has been expanding with six power unit suppliers set to take part from 2026 onward. Ben Sulayem believes that will give the existing constructors a “better choice.”

“Power unit manufacturers are very important,” the president, who was promoted to the role after the 2021 season, said. “We will have six in 2026! recommends

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“If you have that, then the private teams also have a better choice. Then they won’t be manipulated by one or two manufacturers when it comes to the Formula 1 commission.

“Then it doesn’t say: I’ll give you the engine, you have to say this or that. And the price will also fall as a result. Manufacturers are here to stay. They have a plan and they follow through with it.

“Manufacturers bring us technology and innovation. I know that we are not completely committed to electrification. Firstly, because our engine is the most efficient engine in the world.

“The power unit isn’t just about the engine, it’s about other things. As you said: about sustainable fuels. We will use less gasoline. We are removing the MGU-H, but we have the MGU-K, it will be a full hybrid.

“And then we have even better aerodynamics. It will be a better result, we are aiming for an 80 percent improvement. 80! And that has a lot to do with aerodynamics.”

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