FIA clamps down on fuel-flow tricks for 2020

Michelle Foster


The Formula 1 teams will all have to run a second fuel-flow sensor next season as the FIA clamps down on tricks to circumvent the regulations.

With Ferrari stringing together a run of five successive pole positions after the summer break, rivals wrote to the FIA to question various aspects of Ferrari’s power unit.

Red Bull laid out three scenarios for the FIA, all of which were declared illegal with motorsport’s governing body issuing two Technical Directives.

The first related to fuel-flow rate, which may not exceed 100kg/h, while the second made it clear that flammable liquids in the engine’s cooling system cannot be used for combustion.

A third has now been issued, although it relates to 2020.

All 10 teams have been informed that they have to run a second sensor next season giving the FIA better policing of fuel-flow.

This latest Technical Directive comes in the wake of news that the FIA seized parts of the fuel system from “one Ferrari, one Ferrari customer and one non-Ferrari” after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

According to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, a “thorough investigation of the parts will be conducted in the FIA laboratories”.

It is not yet known if this latest TD is a direct result of that investigation.

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