FIA clear Hamilton of wrongdoing during Safety Car

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

One slight bit of better news for Lewis Hamilton is that he will face no further action for a possible infringement during a Safety Car period.

Hamilton found himself under investigation not once, but twice during an absolutely crazy German Grand Prix, a race he was actually controlling in the early stages.

The reigning World Champion was given a five-second timed penalty for entering the pit lane via the wrong side of the bollard after crashing into the barrier. A penalty point was also added to his licence, taking him to two in a 12-month period.

But, he has been cleared for the second incident that he was placed under investigation for: allegedly driving too slow behind the Safety Car.

“Car 44 [Hamilton] appeared to be going unnecessarily slowly during the Safety Car period, relative to the cars in front of and behind him,” the stewards explained.

“However, the stewards determined that because car 44 pitted due to his own incident during the VSC/Safety Car period, and the subsequent long pit stop, he had completed one less lap under the safety car than the cars around him.

“This meant that he was obliged to drive to the delta time, while the cars around him were attempting to safely catch the Safety Car. This gave the appearance that he was driving unnecessarily slowly, however in the view of the stewards he was following the regulation.”

It means, for now, Hamilton will stay P11 in the German Grand Prix classification, but both Alfa Romeo cars (who finished in the points) are facing disqualification as their start data was found not to be in compliance with FIA tech delegate.

That could see Hamilton and Williams’ Robert Kubica, of all drivers, into the points places.

Update: And it actually happened!

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