FIA tackle cost cap breach reports as ‘hurt’ Nyck de Vries breaks silence – F1 news round-up

Jamie Woodhouse
AlphaTauri driver Nyck de Vries on the phone in Monaco. Monte Carlo, May 2023.

Nyck de Vries on the phone in Monaco. Monte Carlo, May 2023.

It is time to catch-up on another day filled with huge news in the world of Formula 1, with the budget cap, Nyck de Vries and Lewis Hamilton all featuring.

De Vries has been and will continue to enjoy some me time after his Red Bull sacking, but resurfaced to issue a short statement on the matter, perhaps also slightly forced by inaccuracies in quotes attributed to him relating to Lewis Hamilton, while the FIA also had inaccuracies to put straight.

So, without further ado, let us dive into the key action from the day in Formula 1.

FIA quash claims of 2022 budget cap breaches

Sky F1’s Craig Slater claimed to have reached out to the FIA regarding reports that up to three teams will fall foul of the 2022 cost cap, and their response was clear.

It would seem that such reports are very much wide of the mark, with the auditing process at this time still ongoing.

He said: “The FIA are telling me that any suggestion of delay to the process because of more in-depth investigations this year, these reports carry stories of the FIA going in and investigating whether some of the teams are using other projects to mask development on an F1 car as well, the FIA are telling me there’s no delay because of that.

“And also saying that talk of potential breaches at this stage are unfounded. So that’s the position of the governing body.”

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“Hurt” Nyck de Vries resurfaces on social media

De Vries had stayed radio silent on the announcement that he would be removed from the AlphaTauri line-up after 10 races…until today.

The Dutchman confirmed he was “hurt” by what had gone down, but nonetheless, was also keen to not dwell too negatively on the abrupt end to his Formula 1 career.

“After recent events, I decided to take some time for myself away from social media, which I will continue to do,” he wrote.

“I would like to thank Red Bull and Scuderia AlphaTauri for the opportunity to live my dream.”

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Fake Nyck de Vries quotes regarding Lewis Hamilton controversy called out

Quotes had been doing the rounds in some section of the press which were claimed to have come from De Vries, where in allegedly discussing the decision from Red Bull to fire him, he had said Red Bull had “stolen Lewis Hamilton’s eighth title”.

That would of course be a reference to the controversial conclusion to the 2021 Formula 1 season and title battle.

De Vries’ management though said these quotes are fake, and legal action is now being threatened.

“Nyck has spoken to absolutely no one since the news of Red Bull, not even to any Italian media. The news is fake and a defamation,” his manager Guillaume Le Goff told

“Obviously someone wanted to make a name for himself – in any case, we reserve the right to take further legal action.”

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F1 analyst tears into ‘ludicrous’ Lewis Hamilton idea

With Hamilton growing frustrated over the recurring trend of one-team dominance in Formula 1, he put forward an idea which he felt would go a long way to breaking that cycle.

His proposal to the FIA was setting an earliest permitted date for teams to begin focusing on their car for the next season, August 1 the date he had in mind, which he felt would therefore prevent an already dominant team from switching focus early to the next season and rolling over that advantage.

Peter Windsor though is certainly not a fan of Hamilton’s idea at all!

“I think he’s got to be joking, it’s got to be a joke. It’s got to be a wind-up. It’s got to be Lewis winding up Red Bull. He can’t be serious,” Windsor said on his YouTube channel.

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Lewis Hamilton and Christian Horner find rare agreement

Hamilton did though have some support on a different matter, and it came from the most unlikeliest of places in the form of Red Bull team boss Horner.

While Red Bull remain the dominant force of the F1 grid, the performance of the teams is starting to show signs of converging in the second season with these ground effect regulations, an observation made by Hamilton also.

“What I would say is that this is one of the most exciting times I think we’ve seen in the sport where we’re finally starting to see the regs pull people closer,” Hamilton claimed.

And as it turns out, Horner agrees.

“The one thing that we know from this sport, is that things will converge – you can already see it starting to happen,” he told media, including, after the British Grand Prix.

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