Todt on FIA’s policing on Ferrari engine saga

Michelle Foster

Jean Todt insists the FIA is much more capable of policing technical matters like the Ferrari engine, even though they weren’t able to make a ruling one way or the other.

Last season Ferrari’s power unit dominated the headlines.

The Scuderia were in fine form after the summer break, taking three wins on the trot, only for rivals to raise questions about the team’s power unit.

According to rival teams, Ferrari’s engine was by passing the FIA’s fuel sensor, allowing the Scuderia to have greater fuel flow and therefore more power.

Motorsport’s governing body issued two Technical Directives and Ferrari didn’t win another race all season.

The FIA also seized the Ferrari engine at the Mexican GP as well as power units from a customer team and a non-Ferrari-powered team.

However, months later, instead of declaring one way or the other if Ferrari’s engine was legal, the FIA entered a secret agreement with the Scuderia.

Rival teams were not impressed and threatened legal action unless they were given all the details.

They still haven’t, with Todt saying a few weeks back that it was out of his hands as Ferrari had “opposed” disclosure.

Despite that the Frenchman insists the FIA can be trusted to police F1’s technical side.

“It is probably more complex now but, saying that, if you see the organisation of the FIA now on the technical side compared to what it was – it wasn’t always at this level,” Todt told Autosport.

“I think in a modern world, with whistleblowers, with all that, it makes things much more difficult for those responsible to ask some of their team members to be an accomplice of wrongdoing.

“With people changing from one team to another one, it makes [such a] thing very difficult.

“But if you tell me, can you correctly tell me that whatever happened you would be able to detect [everything]? Then, the answer is no.”

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