FIA and Ferrari launch ‘Girls on Track’ initiative

Mark Scott

The FIA and Ferrari have launched a new initiative which will help find the most talented female drivers and potentially add them to the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Ferrari had stated a desire to add more female drivers to their academy system and that has now come to fruition with the ‘Girls on Track’ initiative.

The partnership sees both parties commit to a four-year programme resulting in two drivers potentially joining Ferrari for an FIA Formula 4 Championship season.

“We are really pleased to be collaborating with the FIA in this innovative Girls on Track – Rising Stars programme,” Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said.

“We are firm believers in the value of helping youngsters develop in motor sport. The FDA has been operating for over a decade now, not just purely and simply selecting the best drivers, but also working on their cultural, technical and ethical education.

“With this in mind, we felt we had to make a further effort to expand our area of operation to include female youngsters who want to get on in motor sport.

“Although there is no actual barrier to their participation, we are aware that it is harder for women to progress in this field. That’s why we have responded enthusiastically to the FIA initiative and we believe that we can help introduce even more young women to this fantastic sport.

“Who knows, maybe one day we will once again see a woman competing in a Formula 1 World Championship race for the first time since 1976.”