FIA’s factory visit to investigate ‘pink Mercedes’

Mark Scott
Racing Point

Cars will be slower in 2021 says Racing Point technical director Andrew Green.

Racing Point technical director Andrew Green has said the FIA came to inspect their ‘pink Mercedes’ at the factory and were given the all-clear.

The introduction of the RP20 at pre-season testing in Barcelona caused heads to turn and the threats of protests from other teams to arise as the car has a strong likeness to Mercedes’ title-winning W10 from 2019.

It was nicknamed the ‘pink Mercedes’, while Racing Point themselves were dubbed ‘Tracing Point’ for ditching their own design philosophy and instead using their engine suppliers for inspiration.

Green, though, has said the threats of potential protest from other teams are on weak ground given that the FIA has already been to their Silverstone factory to inspect their 2020 challenger and are happy that the car is not in breach of any regulations.

“We don’t really know what the ground is that they are thinking of protesting about,” Green told

“When the car launched, we talked to the FIA about it, the FIA came round to the factory and looked at what we’d done and the designs of the car.

“They even took the design data from Mercedes for last year’s car and checked it against ours. They did a thorough check.

“And they are completely happy that the car that we’ve got on track has been designed by us.

“It may have some similarities to the Mercedes, but it’s just similar. It’s not the same. And so there is no protest there.

“They can shout and scream as much as they want, but I think what they’re actually shouting and screaming about is the fact that they’ve missed a trick. And that’s what they’re upset about.”

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