FIA president makes veiled dig at FOM following major Cadillac commitment

Jamie Woodhouse
FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem talks to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

The FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has big plans for F1's future.

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem once more stressed that Andretti-Cadillac is “good for the sport” of Formula 1 following Cadillac’s commitment to building their own power unit.

The union of American racing firm Andretti Global and General Motors brand Cadillac continues to push for a place on the Formula 1 grid. The FIA’s approval has already been given, but the reception from Formula 1 has been frosty to say the least.

However, their bid has now gained some serious added firepower against the Formula 1 resistance.

FIA president welcomes Cadillac F1 power unit plan

Formula 1 will usher in a new generation of power units from 2026, with Cadillac having previously stated their openness to becoming a PU manufacturer in their own right should their partnership with Andretti make it to the grid.

Now Cadillac has confirmed that it intends to introduce its own PU as of F1 2028.

“We are thrilled that our new Andretti Cadillac F1 entry will be powered by a GM power unit,” said General Motors president Mark Reuss.

“With our deep engineering and racing expertise, we’re confident we’ll develop a successful power unit for the series, and position Andretti Cadillac as a true works team.

“We will run with the very best, at the highest levels, with passion and integrity that will help elevate the sport for race fans around the world.” recommends

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That is another major box ticked, with Red Bull team principal Christian Horner among the F1 personnel claiming Andretti needed an OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] backing them, as Sulayem now issues a fresh show of support.

The FIA president has been critical of F1’s resistance to Andretti-Cadillac, and in welcoming this news of a Cadillac PU in the works, fired a reminder to the series that the FIA views this prospective entrant as “good for the sport.”

“Delighted with the news that GM have registered as a PU supplier for FIA F1,” Ben Sulayem posted in a social media message.

“This is a further endorsement of the FIA’s PU regulations. The presence of iconic American brands Andretti and GM is good for the sport.”

Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull Powertrains, Honda, Renault and Audi are already signed up for F1 2026 and the new breed of power units, with Cadillac hoping to take the tally up to seven manufacturers.

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