Masi to discuss Grosjean’s driving with rivals

Michelle Foster
Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean has admitted to a change of heart about a switch to IndyCar, saying he is now “quite tempted by it”.

With his antics at Silverstone labelled “dangerous” and “sketchy”, Michael Masi says the stewards followed the correct procedure when it came to Romain Grosjean’s driving.

Elevated up the order by Haas’ decision not to pit him behind the second Safety Car at the British Grand Prix, Grosjean found himself battling Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz.

Both drivers passed the Frenchman but it wasn’t easy with Grosjean seeming to move under braking.

Ricciardo said Grosjean’s driving was “sketchy” while Sainz labelled it “very dangerous”.

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Grosjean’s behaviour out on track caught the attention of the stewards with the Frenchman shown the black-and-white flag.

However, when all was said and done, he only received a warning post-race for his driving.

Masi explained why.

“Following extensive discussions with the drivers throughout last year, one of the big areas that the majority of them asked for is for a clamping down of cars moving under brakes and drivers moving under brakes,” the FIA race director told

“So as a result, this is really the first element of that we’ve seen this year.

“The first time it happened the black-and-white flag was shown and on the second occasion it was referred to the stewards for them to do a further investigation.”

Ricciardo has since called for Grosjean’s driving to be one of the topics at Friday’s drivers meeting ahead of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

“We’ll probably bring it up in the next drivers’ meeting next week, just to get the other views, but I’m sure everyone is on board, it was just a little too late,” he told

“Back in 2016, Max [Verstappen] was doing it a few times under braking and we addressed it, and I felt like we had moved on from that. Behaviour has been pretty good from memory, for the most part, the last few years.

“I gave Romain my opinion of it, and tried to give him a pretty diplomatic answer. If we bring it up in drivers’ briefing on Friday, open a conversation again, he’ll realise it a bit more.

Masi says it will be discussed.

“We’ve agreed that we will discuss it at the next drivers’ meeting and go from there,” he said.

“But it’s actually come about as a result of the drivers requesting a crackdown in that area because they thought it was something that needed to be clamped down on a bit more.”

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